A learning champion queue?

I don't know exactly where to put this, but it affects gameplay so i thought here to be suitable. So recently, I've been trying to learn Aurelion Sol, because i love his concept, and the fact he is good when mastered. Unfortunately, whenever i get into a normal game, I get paired up against several Mastery 7 mains which seem to just tryhard all game and camp me. Because of this, it makes it impossible for me to learn Sol when I have a mastery 7 lee up my ass every 5 seconds. I end up going something like 3/12, and my team flames me. They never seem to understand that a. It's my first time on the champion, and b. I get camped by a lee main. It's even worse for difficult champions like Sol, because when lee dives me, since I'm new to Sol, I have no idea what to do against him. He just Q onto me, I ult him, he flashes and kicks me and my laner picks up a kill. To fix this, can we get something like a queue for people learning champions, where you can only have a maximum of mastery 5 on the champion or something. This way, I actually get to work on my mechanics rather than warding skills...
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