Calling it now, Ornn is gonna be mega busted.

Why would Riot create such a monstrosity, absolutely being aware of the fact that this champ will be either permabanned or free elo train for the team that manages to grab him. I don't even want to mention the fact that he brings in a good amount of cc and damage (probably, no numbers yet) as all tanks deal substantial damage when they have any type of health scaling damage, be it enemy or self. But this passive....and the brittle passive holy shit is this suppose to be april fools, buying items without backing, fine, but giving his team a better lategame simply because he will be on their team? How do you counter that? Be forced to finish every game before 30 minutes or lose? And the brittle passive.. teams overloaded with cc who know what they are doing are powerful enough, do they really need to be longer? Those 2 things seem to be pretty ridiculous and un-counterable to me, unless riot introduces a few new items for every role with tenacity and increases the tenacity cap with 7.17..

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