why trinity force ??!

hello comunity , since i begin this game weeks ago , i have been asking my self why would someone pay 3700 for this item that only give you few stats like 30 dmg and 250 hp .... i know the passive is important , but with 3700 u can get 110 dmg or 80 dmg with life steel or something so every basic attack is strong not only when you use a skill before it . maybe buying trinity force late game is more sensible for me , because then the passive is even stronger when your dmg is already high i know i got that wrong since im only a beginner but i want to understand how strong is the trinity force and when to use it and why it's better than other items. notes : 1- i like playing top lane most 2- i don't buy tank items (only dmg) except when im losing my lane thanks in advance
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