How to carry the 0/22 mid and top at 20 minutes?

Riot please can we start banning the obviously boosted amoeba scum wasting my time at a division 2 tiers lower than mine? Cool I get a triple kill level 3 cause I'm a beast but no that's not good enough because '50% wInRaTe AlGoRiThM' tells me "%%%% you" at champ select and so top and mid have gone 0/7/0 by the time I'm level 6 because they didn't play at their tower or build defensive items or literally do anything besides constantly try to 1v1 their increasingly fed opponent and being a walking gold bank for the enemy team for the entirety of the time it takes for them to dismantle the entire map? Yeah it's real fun being forced to play the numbers game hoping I don't get another boosted idiot because of this shitty algorithm and this cancer snowball meta which makes feeding trash + rift herald + infernal drake 2000x harder to outcarry that fed enemy assassin tank. Don't even get me started on promos. Please Riot it's not that hard.
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