Safe champion pool for toplane

Yo guys, I'm a toplane main in b2 and I'd like to find a "safe" champion pool. The champions I'm looking for should at least somewhat fit in these requirements: •Does not need to snowball, can just farm and be quite fine in a teamfight even if nothing happened in lane (no Riven, Yasuo or Renekton) •Kind of easy to pick up (low mechanical skill) •Does not fall off later •Has some waveclear and easy to cs with •Overall doesn't get punished for playing passive •Doesn't depend on Spliting so I can always group if my team needs me and also quick-shuff a wave if there's nothing going on IDEALY: Can be flexed into mid or support (prefered mid)- This point is not significant what so ever though. •Belongs in the role (no Sona Top please) I know this is a lot to ask for but please list az least some champs that would fit me. I'm willing to put in the work to master him. PS: Below are a few champs I've been at least messing around with or maining that I thought might fit me. I'll also add champs I think I could try if you guys would advice me to. Feel free to give your opinion
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