Aftershock on Nunu

Hey quick question, I've been playing a lot of Nunu lately and at first I was following the standard tank build using aftershock but I'm not sure it's that effective. Aftershock is mostly proccing when I roll my snowball into someone, but it only lasts 2.5 seconds and for at least 1.5 second they're either 1) knocked up, or 2) still running away. Considering it's not being used, is it even worth it? I've switched to Arcane Comet lately instead and found that the extra damage is much better, AND it procs to all the minions I roll over with my snowball, not just the guy it explodes on. Yeah so TL;DR, is a 2.5 sec aftershock buff really worth it on Nunu who tends to not even take damage anyway when it procs, and should I try to increase my damage instead
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