Most balanced Champions

It is easy to call several champions in league of legends overpowered or useless, but how about really balanced champions? I wanted to give this question a try and get all of your thoughts on what champions are actually BALANCED in the game. This includes - strong early vs strong late - strong solo vs strong teamfight - snowbally vs still strong when behind To make this kind of question work I'd like to ask all readers to name **ONLY ONE** champion **PER POST** and search for the champion you want to call balanced to not have multiple splitted posts for the same one. Then when you found the balanced champion or posted him on the first place, give him an upvote so we can have a guess what the community thinks is balanced. You although can call out more champions that you think are balanced - in splitted posts. Please try to give every champion an upvote that you agree with. If you are interested in what the community might see as balanced, share this post and give it an upvote, even though the upvotes for posts are more important. Let's try! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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