Best ranked game I have played this season.

Now we all like to moan when we get atrocious as hell teammates however when we get the ones that truly want to cooperate, nobody mentions it. I had a game recently where I was playing Fiora top with Malz mid, Warwick jungle, Trist and Janna support. Enemy team was Shen, Lee sin, Galio mid(broken), Varus and Leona botlane. This game was rough as hell in the early game, lee sin was putting in the work and botlane was doing really well. But then all I said was ''let's try to play passive and farm it out, we outscale''. After I said that nobody died after that at all. It was crazy since most times I say that people int right after but it is rare to see people that legit work to other teammates suggestion. After that of course in the mid game we outscaled and the enemy team had no chance to fight anymore because Janna being Janna and the rest of the team fully outscaled them. It's strange since if people would try to cooperate more like the teammates I had, I feel like league would be a lot less toxic.
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