Sylas gameplay report: Underpowered champion

As much as i hate to admit it, since i love this Champion, Sylas is currently very underpowered. Since games now dont last as long, he doesn't have much time and space to grow(not in all cases of course). His passive is decente enough, his Q neither slows enough or deals enough damage, His W is useless unless used only for an execute(enemy being very low) or for a big heal(Sylas being very low), his E does the job but the hitbox surely needs to be fixed and the second range definetly needs to be a bit longer. And finally his Ulti is just... Not his ulti xD, his ulti is good enough though the cooldown might be unnecessarily low late game. Those are my thoughts. Completely love the gameplay and lore. And tbh he should be able to use his allies ults too because lore wise he can just use anyone's magic, so.. i dont think its any unbalanced for him to be able to do that Tell me your thoughts below ^^ curious to hear about other experiences (tell me your runes/builds too so i can figure out whats really the best here)
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