The Anti-Funnel Jungle Item Change

So I am a Rengar player and this change really hurts me. In 90% of the games I am the person with the most gold on the team (you know laners can't last hit the cs) and in those 90% of the games I don't want to finish the jungle item upgrade and instead sit on the machete all game and rush AD / Lethality items to further snowball the game. The problem is that if I do that thing in this patch I lose an average of 1000 gold every game (THAT IS A LOT OF GOLD). Also it's not really only a Rengar thing. Most Shacos want to rush Duskblade too and there are other junglers that just stay on the starting jungle item just for the XP and that's it. But the change really hurts all these junglers. Please either revert the change and take a different approach to the funneling problem or give some direct buffs to the Champions that don't tend to finish the jungle item upgrade.
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