REALLY SHORT: All of The Problems in Karma's Kit

Karma isn't bad, but has flaws in her kit, that make her unappealing in high level play. Here they are: * **Passive** - It feels boring, because it's an extention of her ult. No other champion has that. * **RQ** - All of Karma's damage is in this spell. This makes her damage feast or famine. It also only damages the first target hit and makes hitting key targets usually impossible. * **W** - The risk-reward in this spell is off for mage. * **RW** - The heal has no flat value and a 0.5s cast time. On a CDR/AP build the heal is only noticeable at low health. But at low health, the time needed to cast this (mantra-aiming-casting ~ 0.75s) can often kill you. The root is worse than Morgana's Q until lvl16+. **Whole Kit** * Building glasscannon makes Q and RQ good, but W and RW bad. Building tanky does the opposite. You also need CDR and mana. * Karma provides too little damage and kill pressure to be a good carry and too little protection and utility to be good support. * Karma does too much of everything too be bad and too little of anything to be good. * Karma is hard to learn and easy to master, exactly the opposite of what good design is about. Don't get me wrong, I love Karma. I like versatile champions and off-meta champions. But I think she lacks depth and purpose, especially since 5.10 (read more about this [HERE]( )). I'd love it for Riot to have a look at her, but at the same time I am afraid of how they would change her. All of the changes so far left a bitter taste. If you want to find out how I would try to solve these issues, visit my [FULL KARMA REWORK]( thread. ________________ Please let me know what you think.
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