Question about how to execute a particular mid game scenario ...

So, I main Caitlyn, so quite often I hard-shove laning phase and get a TON of early tower pressure often leading to first tower pre-10 minutes. In this specific game I have in mind, we get ganked a couple of times from being a bit over-extended, but not FB and it's answered across map by our own jng so it's not a disaster, and at 10 minutes I get tower FB, mid is open to quickly rotate to and grab, and then top is equally juicy to take and we get first 3 towers super early (about 14 min) and follow with Shelley. And the other team answered with top & bot towers fairly soon after, but we definitely win on big objectives. Now what the %%%% do I do? The map is super open, I'm a Cait who's behind in kills and even on farm vs 2 assassins, a Rammus (and our team is full AD) and a Jinx who's profited from both ganks bot-side. I can't really fight that well since I'm even at best and I'm gonna struggle against that comp going into Cait's infamous mid-game dip and I've got hyper-aggressive teammates to try to play around. I also can't go to side-lanes to "AFK" farm to accelerate to Cait's late since with so many guys who can easily kill me before I can blink, and I struggle to get the lions share of mid farm since my teammates have "bigger waveclear", also my jungler is clearing the jungle like a demon so I'm struggling to find enough farm to accelerate. I'm not gonna comment on how my teammates played with all that farm I can't take safely since that's a thing they need to fix, and I need to fix my own issues. Namely how to play around a super open map as an ADC into an anti-ADC teamcomp with no clear avenues to accelerate to late-game god-hood.
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