Zed is just a tiny little bit ridiculous...

This guy has a 63% banrate at the moment, and when he's not banned he's unstoppable (in my experience). The new duskblade has made him insanely strong and since QSS doesn't remove his ult anymore he has 0 problems killing the adc, even if the adc has the best peel in the world. And if ,for some reason, he can't reach the adc he just jumps on someone else since he'll just kill him easily as well (I've seen non-fed zed players killing champions like darius, nasus, nautilus etc. with ease) Hope the mage patch will make zed somewhat weaker, and if not please nerf him again. IMO the 63% banrate is enough to prove that this guy is pretty ridiculous. And yes I know strong teamfight comps and good peeling will still be able to win from this guy, but you have to admit that he's the strongest assassin out there right now by a mile. Any tips on countering a zed are welcome and I'd love to hear them (no basic stuff like buying zhonyas and peeling everyone know that xD) Would love to hear what you guys think about zed atm. Cya, FoolishDragon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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