First off all i mention that im OTP Jinx and this is not the first post about the damage balance and champions balance of the game! Ok i took the time to look at somme of my maches and look @ the correlation between base stats of ADCs and damage output.... and tried to understand the way that u ballance the damage and champions in the game!! Here is no 1 mach: me Jinx against a Miss Fortune. https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2199602747/221974074?tab=overview I use Leethal Tempo and Miss Press the Atack Base stats Jinx lvl 1 AD 59(57+2) AP 0 Armor 34 Magic Resist 38 Base stats Miss Fortune lvl 1 AD 63 (50+13) AP 0 Armor 34 MR 30 LVL 1 Jinx ==>Q (Swicheroo) active ==>Dorans shield LVL 1 Miss==>W (Strut) active ==>Dorans blade 1. FIRST HIT on me: TIME 1:58 m:s 661 - 591=**70** damage taken. She has total of 63AD +32Bonus from her Love Tap passive: 63(baseAD) + 32(bonusAD) = 95AD===> or 95 Damage 95 AD - 34 my Armor = 61 AD ===> or 61 Damage... is this correct RIOT??? or am i missing somme huge imvisible script along the way?? Why 70 not 61 damage?? 2. SECOND HIT on me: TIME 1:59 m:s 593 - 574 = **46** damage taken. No Love Tap 63(base AD) - 34(my armor) = 29 damage Why 46 not 29 damage? 3. THIRD HIT on me: TIME 2:00 m:s 549 - 473 = **76** damage taken??? 63(base AD) - 34(my armor) = 29 damage WHY **76** not 29 damage?? Why soo much??? Since even her 1st hit with Love Tap done 70dmg not 76... and i mention that this was 3rd CONSECUTIVE hit (auto atack) on me without breaks between hits. She has no crit chance items and she didnt have her Q (Double Up) active and was a direct first target on every hit!!! AM I MISSING AGAIN SOMETHING HERE RIOT??? My first hit on her was on 2:00 with the rocket launcher and did 55 dmg to her with my 110% damage from Fishbones!!! If i use POW-POW .... the damage is silly low (have not engaged her with pow-pow on lvl1 and cant givve u exact example) I dont even wanna mention what damage she does with her Double Up with 200% critical damage if im the second target!!! Seriously RIOT dont you think that u givee somme champions to much damage whyle you leave others like Jinx prety much usless against those whom you owerpower... especialy early game since im OTP Jinx and thats what i play for 3 years now?? How am i suppose to maintain my lane and farm equaly against these champions wich force you under the turet.... you cant farm decent cos the turet is ripping your minions... you cant play aggresive cos they outmach 2/1 you on damge from start (i pow-pow them 6 times and you dont even get to the ddamage they doo to you with 3 hits) Why do you have to rework somme champs 3 times over ...one after another...whyle u totaly forget about others like Jinx???? Take here another example of how broken you RIOT made somme champions: look at this master yii that has full armor items on him and he ripps me (and the whole team) from 2 hits!!! https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2199950264/221974074?tab=overview I mean cmon do you think this is fair??? One champ can equip armor items on him and bennefit from insane damage too from no items just his core build???? Me with Jinx i am a total MINiON without items... i wont do the damage that yii does without damage items whyle he seems to do damage from air!! CMON RIOT WAKE THE F UP AND STOP DOING 100000 DIFERENT CHAMPIONS WITH 10000000 UNIWUE ABILITYS COS THE GAME IS GONNA GET SO BUGGED @ 1 POINT AND YOURE GONNA HAVE TO DELETE IT YOURSELVES!!! STOP REWORKING CHAMPIONS 100 TIMES OVER!!! FOCUS ON REPAIRING BUGGS AND BALANCE THE F DAMAGE AND CHAMPIONS PROPPERLY!!! PS: here take a look @ my last game with overpowered enemys Syvir and Zira. can you do something againt them??? Syvir is taking me under half of life from just 2 abilitys They ripped my in 2 seconds as soon as i tried to get near them and the minions for farm! Tell me your play strategy here riot... since u claim that the damage and champions are balanced in the game!!! https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2199976400/221974074?tab=overview
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