Ganplank E discussion

So, i dont like the old GP E, but either the new one...I just dont feel as a real pirate playing him so i would like to ask u my lovely community some new E mechanics. {{champion:41}} So, what about removing actual E and add: - GP summom some sharks in a little area ( AOE/DOT skill) - GP calls some pirates to help him attacking the actual GP target (Pirate minions dealing a moderated dmg maybe?) - GP puts some Rum in the floor, that can be ignited with GP passive + GP Q, exploding dealing X dmg and burning dealing dot in the area And another thing about the coins he gains, like: - GP can use X coins to rent some pirate minions to help him at the desired location. I think there are better options for a pirate that using explosive barrels ( gotta say that sharks and pirates are cool as fuck :3) What do u think guys?
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