So, you want to know how to play Mordekaiser?

I usually get asked a lot of questions after my ranked and normal matches when I play Morde. Because he isn't META, people don't know enough about him and are too easily surprised by what he can do. Here are just a couple of the usual messages I receive. In lobby; 'you seriously picked Morde? FF20 and report', When I solo Baron at 20 minutes (easily done); 'WTF, lol?' (from both teams), When I double kill the top laner and jungler; 'WTF is that heal?', And of course, when we lose a game; 'GG, lost at champ select'. The champion is out of META but deserves a lot more respect. If you want to know anything about Morde, his setup, builds, how he plays, etc. Ask me anything. I am a Plat 2 Morde 'one trick' player, hopefully reaching Diamond soon. I play him in all roles, but since Dynamic Queue, have stuck to primary top and secondary mid. When duoing with a support, I secondary bot lane instead of mid.
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