This isnt funny anymore. League of legends 2016 (and before) vs 2018.

Just compare it: League of Legends 2016 - That was actually fun. People had fun from game, everything was under control. League of Legends 2018 - RLY RITO? Is it playable? Is this game dead for casual players? Now only professional scene matters? Maybe I am only one of many grey small people, but I do not enjoy this DARKSOULSLIKE-MOBA game anymore. I do not wish any assassin (even weak players) to kill me per combo just when he buy first item. What happened to this game? You are loosing what You have builded this 10 years. You tried to make this game balanced. Rock-scrissors-paper like with counterpicks, counteritems. Now only dmg matters. Pathetic. I remember many years ago, when You increased dmg, people started to play offtanks/tanks and it worked. Now we have situation where dmg output is ridiculously higher than any possible defense You can construct. @BTW random links from Youtube. This isnt promotion of channels, I am not related to those people in any way. Just a reference.
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