[DynamicQ] It's time to stop kidding around Riot

Stop playing with us Riot, me and every single person in my friendlist and appearently 70% of the players who watched your roundtable disagree with the way you are handling us. The way you act as little toddler can be seen through your stubborn actions. It's time to rid yourself from these consecutive mistakes you've been making as a company. It's better to annouce, right now, that dynamicQ has not met the expectations you were having and that it's time to move on and bring back SoloQ. You've tried so many things to improve this system, yet it failed to deliver what it promised to deliver. Make a seperate ladder for 5 man team ranked and a seperate ladder for pure SoloQ. This will drastically reduce boosters, premade bullying and unfair matchmaking. If teams want to practice and play with their friends they can always increase their normal game MMR by spamming it with their friends which they decided to play with. Gradually they will find themselves in more balanced games and every single problem will be solved. All that by just implenting a cost and time efficient solution which is SoloQ. Up until s6 and DynamicQ came on the table, everyone was complaining about 1 thing and 1 thing only, and that was the amount of DuoQ players that ended up either carrying games due to their coordinations in the bot lane or lose games due to their flairness and arrogancy. It's time to stop this game you are playing with us in all honesty, I'm really fed up with the way you've been throwing content right into my face that was completely unfinished and unpolished. All this happened right after Tencent took over, the game I played during S2-3-4 was far different from the game I'm playing atm. Let us revise on the things you've implemented that had almost no use or could have been brought in a better shape: 1. Hextech & Master 6/7, Cash-grab, you intentionally brought the master 6,7 upfront inb4 you gave the option to buy Champion shards for IP. 2. An unfinished version of Clubs, I expected so much from this thing but ever since its release it never got any further attention. 3. DynamicQ, you admitted the mistakes you made, no point in explaining this. 4. Major balance updates (rework), killed many champions and/or made them premabanned. However this one is something Riot imo can't control as they try to make the game feel fresh so I can forgive this, as I forgave any other balance or rework mistake they made. 5. Removal of Team Ranked, removing this was one of the biggest mistakes you have ever made in Riot's history of mistakes. No point in debating this. 6. Hiring Ghostcrawler "Let us revise in the things you've implemented that had almost _**no use**_ or could have been brought in a better shape" nuff said even though it was s5 I suppose. Now that everything is summed up, I want to clear one more thing. Why is it that EUW is completely being forgotten in the case of "DynamicQ". We've had little to no interaction with the staff. All questions are being asked to NA as if they are the most important part of the community. What makes our opinion less worthy compared to the ones of NA. I think that is pretty racist. For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, I advice them to look up the NA website. Also one more thing before I round this up, why does Riot never respond on topics created around DynamicQ and flaws. Why can't we discuss this matter in a civilized manner. Why are you nitpicking the people you want to listen to and why are 'WE' the 'community' almost not involved in what you've been deciding during your 'round' table. Every single time people ask Riot why they implemented DynamicQ they answer with: "Yeah we made a poll and asked people how they felt about it". Yet you didn't ask me, nor my hundreds friends in my friendlist. I asked almost everyone I played with whether they got invited for a poll or not. None of them have gotten their hands one them. So that means you've been nitpicking your audience and threated me and my friends like vermins. As if we are not allowed to speak our heads and ask something of you. I suppose I have some kind of knowledge after playing this game for a third of my life during the past 4 years. **Giving silly cosmetics to make us shut up feels ,in all honesty, as a big middelfinger with a golden ring around it. It doesn't change the message does it? ** So stop kidding yourselves and us and please tell us one thing, do you care or not? Do you care about the community you've literally and admittingly deceived? If you do please show us that you do and do what has to be done. Ty
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