Get out of bronze tips

First to introduce myself - I am not the biggest pro ever and I'm not getting gold or better any time soon probably, but I am silver for sure and I intend to stay like this the whole season. So I started out this season with 6 wins - bronze 4 ;d But with these steps I could say that I got silver pretty easily. So Here are the steps: 1.Patience - Be patient! You can't raise a single division for just a hour. It took me whole 2 months to escape. 2.{{item:2044}} - I saw this in EVERY tutorial out there and i thought: "What a bunch of baloney! How can 1 ward give us advantage in a teamfight?" Well, man it does. First at early game : Early game is pretty much - whoever gets a nice gank kills the opponent. So if you ward you can't ensure to win lane, but atleast not loose it if you play safe enough. You probably played jungle and that guy on the enemy team, who wards every f*cking where denies all your ganks. You go and try to gank him 6 times and you still don't succeed. Thats the power of wards! And at late game it's pretty much the teamfights. Even if one team is so fed, if they fight 4v5 it's almost impossible for them to win the fight and 1 won teamfight means inhibitor late game and inhibs = win. So you just get 3 wards instead of another long sword and go ward baron, drake and the enemy buffs. And at some point a guy from the enemy team will go take a buff or they will go baron or something. Thats your moment right there. You go 5v1 him, all of you to ensure no one from your team gets caught of at this time too. And boop - 5v4 gg wp easy. 3.Counter picks - NO! OH GOD PLEASE NO! Don't be that guy who just says "I pick {{champion:55}} she is so OP" or "{{champion:81}} counters {{champion:222}} so I pick him!" Please, don't! Play a champion you're good at. Well, if you're pretty good at 2 champs, let's say {{champion:105}} and {{champion:7}} and the enemy team picks {{champion:103}} it's pretty much obvious for you to pick LeBlanc. Or if you can't play a lane at all, let's say I have a pretty tough time at playing adc and I'm good at a same level with any adc I have, then counter pick. But dont play a champion from the meta if you can't. Meta is bullsh*t. 4.Help your team - If you're winning lane and you're like a 5/0 {{champion:92}} , then go roam and gank your lost mid or bot, because that gives them an advantage too - some kills, time to farm and pushed lanes. 5.Mute - that's it, simple like that. Just mute! 6.Elo hell doesn't exist - The reason for you loosing is not cause your team sux, it's because YOU can't carry your team. And let me tell you, players at bronze were better than these in silver... In silver everyone either gives up and plays some dumb champs, or trolls cause silver is enough for them, or everyone gets too cocky, thinking that he is better than everybody and goes 1v5, ruining matches. While in bronze - Tryhards! And it's ok to tryhard tho. This means you really are trying harder than the others to win. Thats pretty much it, thats all I needed to get out of bronze. So try these out and don't give up. League is for fun and someday you will finally become silver, if you keep those steps. :)
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