Should we try and help out those who are struggling rather than nerfing those who are strong?

We all know of champs in League who are too strong and some who are too weak right? Well how about rather than purely nerfing the strong; we start buffing those who are suffering. Fight inbalance with inbalance, fire with fire etc. Lets take the worse possible scenario; if everyone became OP... is anyone technically OP? Like it is good to nerf things still do not get me wrong because sometimes nerfs are well needed (zoe 0.25 nerf xD) I know I am not some pro or someone who is remotely good, im just an average player and I know that doesn't count for much but surely it makes sense to buff those who need it as well as nerf those who are too good? Like start balancing more around higher elos since they actually know what they are doing; bronze to gold/plat is aimed at learning the game so learning how to become high elo requires high elo balancing yes? For example; we should buff champions such as {{champion:429}} , {{champion:203}} , {{champion:82}} etc. I dunno give {{champion:429}} her 30 mana back at rank 1 rend, give {{champion:203}} extra Bonus AD per passive stack, Give {{champion:82}} a bigger max. shield value etc. What do you guys think? Should there be more buffs in each patch so champs can start being good. If something becomes good because something else gets nerfed and then that champ gets nerfed; surely they are just in a worse spot than what they at the start?
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