How to you play a new champion?

So I'm a veteran player, I been playing daily since the end of season 2, and whenever I tried to pick up a new champion to play I always looked up guides to see how the pro players or steamers plays their champions. But lately I been thinking for myself, do you get better at cooking by following recipes? No, you obviously don't the best way to get good at cooking is by testing and finding what taste and smells the best. So I started doing just that, I made an argument some days ago where I've been testing around with Nautilus top for a few weeks and found most success on maxing his W first. When I saw the nerfs I wanted to ask people if it would change anything with Nautilus. All I got was harsssments towards that I should never max W and always max E first. This argument is what got me to make this post cause the people I talked to said that "High elo players" always Max E first on Nautilus, but I found almost next to 0 success in doing that. (Later They said that they haven't seen a Nautilus top for 1 year, which got me to understand that they think meta back in the day is same as the present meta. ) So I was thinking, then that asking around for help ain't gonna get me anywhere. So the last days I been testing around like crazy in both practice and normals to see what's good. And Honestly I feel like this fixes my issues by a large amount. The reason I might be elo stuck in gold elo, is cause I never tried to test new builds and new playstyle out myself. Always looked at Pro, steamers or community advices, but what they are doing is ignoring the changes that been happening lately and go for builds that been META for 1-2 years ago, pretty much living the past. For ex the blue build on Ezreal. The same build was there for around 3 years, never changed never experimented with, until out EU MVP Rekkles went a game of Ezreal with double tear and made Ezreal a hidden OP pick. People thought it was troll, people thought it cannot work and criticized him cause they never tried a diffreant build on Ezreal. There were a bunch of people in the pro scene even who found the build stupid and worthless. Why? Cause they didn't bother testing it, and then it blew up and Tear had to be nerfed and everyone changed that it was good cause they looked at rekkles build and found success on it. Same thing goes with my Nautilus top, I find high success on it. That must mean it's hidden OP and everyone who criticizes me, just hasn't tried it. They are just flaming cause they want to stay in the past and only listen to pro players. Right now I'm trying out Zyra too, I see her playrate on almost 1%, but I feel she might as well just be hidden OP, I just need to figure out a lot of things about her. Why having people tried her as bot laner yet? Her waveclear is amazing and her damage it through the roof and she even has CC, and the past part is that she is a valid option for Unsealed spellbook. Why does no one try champions out? Like why look at pro players when you can look at your champions and think "Hm, I wonder how this champion is if I do this with him/her". Sorry for my rambling, I got a bit excited that I been figuring this out. Now I am not thinking crazy stuff, like Janna and Karma bot (Rekkles agrees) but things that might actually be hidden OP. Just think of Yi and Taric that got online some months ago, I bet some players has done that for years and no one ever figured it out until now. Same with Quinn ADC,
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