Vayne problems

So, today i had time for about two games of LoL, so I played, first game as {{champion:122}} , I totally stomped {{champion:17}} to 0/7, then guess what happens, {{champion:67}} gets a pentakill, and then another one so she just aa me 4 times and im dead. Then i played {{champion:24}} , also stomped J4 to 0/4, then my braindead bot lane fed 5 kills to {{champion:67}} in the early game....... she just blew us up, even after i tried to do anything (I tried to Q + E + W her, but she just stealthed away... and killed me. I am so friggin' tired of seeing vayne, and i have to ban my own counter picks/broken picks like {{champion:75}}, {{champion:114}} ,{{champion:54}} , or {{champion:92}} , and when i ask bot, they just ban {{champion:119}} or{{champion:157}} . Like please give me some counter play to her, she can stealth and get away, or if you build tanky like against other adc's, she just melts through me with W and {{item:3124}} . Or my favorite answer to this problem...... NERF HER TO GROUND AND BREAK HER LEGS.... *ehm* so personally i would just nerf her cd on R atleast 2 times, and its duration to like 6 secs, and cut off the extended duration from kills. Also if she has peel or she can kite (which is not that hard, like cmon), then you just can't do anything at all. BTW: I ranked down because of her.
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