I want this back

So one thing i like to do is look into the past and remember what LoL had before that now is gone and well...since im a rengar main i wanted riot to bring the Bonetooth Necklace for him, i dont know why but i dont rly remember if the necklace was a item at all or just like a passive, so i wanted riot to make a new one with 4 diferent bonus like : +2.5% armor pen per level ; + 5% attack speed per level ... something like that I also would like them to bring back The Poachers Knife..independently about other ppl say that it sucks and bla bla bla...its a god item for ppl who usually farms badly at jung so ... Well this is just an opinion but i think its cool to remember stuff like this.Oh also i want devourer to become what it was before..the stacking and stuff..and the little wolf .. pls riot do it

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