The big problem with TFT even before its released.

**There already websites with Meta stuff/Tier lists .. and those "meta" stuff destroyed Hearthstone, magic, shadowverse, and most strategic game outside. And since TFT has no "skill" or "active play" factor, it completely plays automatically. this problem is even worse then.** So TFT on release is like "everyone only choosing the meta champs and everyone who dont get meta champs instantly loose the game". **The problem with that is, in League of Legends itself you need skill, good knowledge, mechanics AND a team.** **In Team fight tactics, you need no skill, no good knowledge, no team. You just choose the stuff thats listed as "S tier" in the meta, and instantly win the game, cause you cant controll units. Its just a simple "cookie recipe" game. -> use the "formula" that said in the guide, Win the game. Don't use the formula in the guide, loose the game. ** {{sticker:sg-janna}} To fix this issue, and make TFT a fun game in the long run needs one of the following steps: * Meta report/Tierlists should be forbidden, it destroys the game, the fun, and makes every round the same, cause everony only want the same stuff. * Balance Change every 24 hours so you cant get a meta. **Srsly, i dont know whats wrong with the gamer community these days. Do you want to play agame for fun? Or you want to abuse every possible thing to play the best possible thing to push your ego?**
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