Season 8 - RIOTS biggest JOKE!

A few words.. This has to be the most soul destroying, game literal breaking, keyboard smashing, 10 IQ = GODLIKE GENIUS.. state of balance type of a season ! before playing this season I was tested by MENSA and found out I had a IQ of 145, now since playing this entire season I took another IQ test and found out I have a IQ of just above 9 which I guess is 10 if I could count..? I must say I have never felt so intelligent in my entire life as I have found out that this season requires you to have a safe, sturdy and solid IQ of 10 to become a GOD on the rift. any higher IQ than 10 is to much and any less is to little.. that's right you need a BALANCED IQ. Some Issues this season are as follows : - Game Balance = Error 404.. Page Not Found or Page Obliterated. - Snowball effect - get one kill and become a GOD of any world - FF at 8 mins. -Items-... every item practically unlocks THANOS like power spikes. (SO Overtuned) - Runes..- Lets add some stones in the THANOS gauntlet for more power-spikes and brainless play styles! - Champions- better only buy 5 champions as the other countless 100 are mere peasants in comparison! scrap that.. just buy {{champion:86}} or {{champion:24}} and dominate every role. -Afkers/Trolling/-Bad Player Behaviour - Billy goats gruff! we are all becoming that grumpy **K hunt** under the bridge and why not.. if you cant beat them, join them right? as that is seemingly what riots tells us when the punishment system is RARELY implemented to any effect to punish anyone with any consequence. it really is like the BLUE SMARTIE it's a now MYTH to exist and like a fart in the wind that someone actually will be punished. what are your thoughts, enlighten me with genius ideas of opinion
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