Aram Poke and Dark Harvest

Just wanted to chime in and get this off my chest. I know Preaseason and all that stuff but in my opinion Poke Teams have become quite a bit stronger in Aram, making it more difficult to fight from a less favorable match-up e.g. tank teams with no reliable engage, no follup up damage or otherwise burst that can counter the poke and stacking of the enemy team. It is quite a common occurence that the poke team get a sizable lead early on, sometimes until level 6, sometimes untiil certain sustain items are bought. This is normal as i mentioned. At some point either they close out the game or tanks just out-sustain them. Also normal. But with Dark Harvest their dmg scales in a Veigar-esque way that is cutting the victory chances of the poke-suffering team even more. I just want to say that Riot should keep a look on balance issues in this alternative game mode and not let it get to one-sided for certain teams / champions in terms of winrate.
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