Aatrox Rework that I never asked for...

*bad english ahead* {{champion:266}} Okay... Alright... For a few years, I was and still am an Aatox main. And now when this rework happens, I really feel like Riot takes something away from my LoL experience, something big and valuable. But lets break down my own thoughts about what I like about original Aatrox, and compare it to new one, starting with his mechanics. -_- I was always a sucker for something that noone ever cared about. To try and explore it, find potential in it and prove it to be better, than everyone thinks it is. Aatrox was one of such things. Back in a day, when everybody had this stereotype about Aatrox, that picking him could be considered as trolling or/and griefing your team, sure he is hard to learn, his kit restricts you from going into a teamfight or a duel whenever you feel like it (like Master Yi, or Fiora), you have to be patient, to fill up your blood well and sustain it untill an oppertunity for engage shows, keeping it from decaying and loosing it is a pain in the ass. Cause of that mechanic, Aatrox is the defenition of "All or Nothing" champion. And in time, you grow to like it, like one of those hardcore games like Dark Souls, Cuphead, Super Meat Boy, etc. You MUST fail 1000+ times over and over again, to finally make it right, and when you do... Jesus it feels awesome, when you learn to land those impossible spells with tiny hitboxes, Q and E, it feels amazing when it lands and sooo rewarding. When you fill your Blood Well up by jumping on the enemy with your Q, you feel like a GOD, oneshoting any unlucky fella, who happens to be in your way. If you will put enough effort into farming every minion, taking every kill oppertunity, and basicly, yes, tryharding, then playing classic Aatrox can be one hell of an experience. Firstly because, nobody expects to see some unpopular champ named Aatrox, slaughtering whole team solo like some fed Master Yi. Secondly, because you actually feel like learning this, without any doubt, hard champion rewards you greatly. But if you will fall behind early, and dont put enough effort to come back, Aatrox will become as useless, as majority of players thinks he is... -_- And this playstyle matched his charecter perfectly... An unknown demonic warrior, villain to some a hero for others, the one who sees a noble cause in war. Causing more of war and bloodshed, constantly aiding different sides of many conflict's, feeding the idea of his own twisted philosophy. * "Pain is temporary. Victory is forever!" * -{{champion:266}} And for me personally this one phrase gives me lots of motivation. And about his voice, it is perfect, he is cold yet threatening, calculative yet cruel, by his voice and impression, you can tell he has a bigger plan, you can tell like he is always in controll and never shows his weaknessess. And when I first learned about Aatrox and played a couple matches with him, I realy liked him as a character, not some cliche villain with his ultimate plan of dominating a world, tempting everyone to chose his side or die... Because he has no side, he only does what feels natural to him, no matter what prevails in the end, justice or tyranny - it doesnt matter, blood will still be shed, and that's all what he realy wants. It gives a certain vibe to him, like he is more of a force of nature called 'war', just like fire burns, or water flows, Aatrox brings war, just for the sake of it, an oppertunity for some to prevail and beocme heroes, and for others to die and be forgoten. And in it's own twisted way, it is beautiful.... -_- NOW WE GOT REWORKED AATROX... Now, I have no doubt that he will grow on me in time, I will endure this change and move on. But, as I said, its like they took out a big piece from my personal LoL experience. They turned Aatrox from cold and calculative philosopher to impulsive, mad, typical villain, who wants to END THE WORLD!!! *omgjesus* With all the mocking lines to champions like {{champion:114}} and {{champion:23}} that emply that he can actually kill them SOOO easily. No he cant, not now, not with this new kit that they gave him, that Fiora and Tryndamere perfectly counter with their kits (you can say they were born to counter champs like reworked Aatrox) And I just hate that, when some champion, who is suppose to be stronger, SHOULD be stronger, and actually talks of being so much stronger, can be crushed in seconds by those he mocks... Its just... UGH, WHY YOU RUINED HIM??? (while original Aatrox, if played smart enough against {{champion:114}} or{{champion:23}} , still capable of killing any of those two 1v1) But now... They can evade his Q, they can slow him, they can heal and deal tons of damage to him at the same time... Original can do it too, if not even better than those two... BUT REWORKED ONE CANT, all he can do now, is to try to land his Q's and hope that ppl who play Fiora or Trynda are stupid enough to get hit by them, since HE CANT MOVE WHILE CASTING HIS Qs!!!! (Why not let him move while casting his Qs when he uses his Ult?? Since... you know he has wings... He can fly around before he lands a hit to the ground.... so why... *sigh* Jesus...) Also! His ult is now new {{champion:26}} ult, that everybody can wait to expire before killing him for good, since he can't output as much damage as he originaly could, it doesnt make him much of a threat to kill him first and actualy trigger his ult (running while reviving is a nice addition, tho). At least let the blood well still heal him by the end of the ult, if nobody kills him, it would make so much sense. So, I would hate to bore ppl with all my complaints, let's summarise... Riot wanted to change {{champion:266}} to a champion that feels like a Devil that revels in slaughter and bloodshed (which he originaly felt, with swinging his sword endlessly, slashing ppl up with a speed of machine gun.), yet they completely failed, by making him slow as %%%%, I can see his mechanics would apply to some brute like {{champion:54}} or {{champion:3}}. But someone who has a SWORD, that is suppose to CUT (not smash), I expect him to feel like {{champion:11}} or {{champion:157}} -_- Let's finish it up, with this: {{champion:240}} <( COME!!!1 LET ME KILL YOU!!1 A THOUSAND TIMES ISN't ENOUGH!!! ) {{champion:266}} <( *"Fight and be remembered as a hero, or die and be remembered as a coward..."* ) -_-
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