Hextech Crafting is great and stuff Riot... But why do you hate mains so much?

I was greatly looking forward to Hextech Crafting, and still am after learning how the system works. But it seems that there is no reward at all for playing a small pool of (or even one) champion exclusively. This playstyle has long been a part of League and I am wondering why you no longer support it as a valid way to play the game. I saw a Riot post claiming that the Keys and Chests reward separate playstyles, but the keys are totally random and so reward no playstyle other than winning a game. I do not mind playing a lot of champions to grind out the chests, I do however mind that mains are so heavily overlooked. I would love to see you implement a way to support this playstyle within Hextech Crafting in the future. Thank you Caim
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