Observation:bot lane in low/mid gold are actually worse than in mid/high silver

In the vast majority of my games since getting promoted to gold 4, my bot lanes are dying to level 2 all-ins and proceeding to feed until they are collectively 0/10 in less than 10 minutes. This instantly loses any pressure we have on dragon, allows the support to roam on mid and makes the entire bot side jungle dangerous to farm. Switching focus to top lane to secure rift herald/snowball top lane does not seem to be a worth while trade even if successful. What do you do in this position as Jungle? I had a nice 55-60% win streak climbing through silver, soon as I hit gold 4 I run into a brick wall because one or more of my lanes are dead before I finish my first clear/gank. Feels like my teams are getting worse and not better, which seems to be confirmed by 3rd party apps which are showing that my teams are regularly made up of 3, sometimes 4 players who all have sub 50% WR for their selected roles. My main weakness seems to be my farming efficiency. I climbed through silver mostly on {{champion:56}} and won most of my games by ganking effectively and securing picks. Now that I've climbed into gold it's not so easy to secure early ganks so I'm forced to focus more on farming efficiently, especially if I'm playing from behind. Unfortunately while this technically keeps me from falling too far behind, it tilts my team mates who immediately start yelling at me to farm less and gank more. Junglers, what do?
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