Has Riot lost his mind?

It only takes a pre-made report to get chat restriction. The Great Rito philosophy.
So, last game. Our bot lane was premade. And the adc corki was very afraid to approach and hit a normal AA in teamfights. All he did was R R R R R R R and if some one came close he'd just valkery out of combat and B.
So according to Riot, I have misbehaved on my own post "calling out others names, mocking them and belittling them." So they banned me from the Boards. Read my post and you decide if I ever attacked anyone on my thread. Greetings Summoner! This content has been removed for a violation of the Universal Rules. We are trying to foster an inclusive environment, and as such we allow some room for discussion and debating as long as it is handled in a mature manner.** Simply calling summoner's names, mocking them, or belittling them** (IE: their opinion, their preferred champion, their ranked status etc.) is not only immature, but a clear violation of the inclusive environment we're trying to build. The boards should be an environment where everyone can have an opinion as long as it's delivered in a mature way. Countering people's arguments and ideas is fine, as long as you don't do so at their expense. Comments like “nobody cares”, tell people to shut up because you don't agree, calling out their playstyle and ranking “bronzie etc.” or digressing into a flame war - small snippets of the types of things we actively look out for and remove. Please be sure to review the Universal Rules before posting further content. If you have a problem with other players posts, please utilise the “Report” function - do not attack them or respond to them in an argumentative manner." Oh and lets not forget the recent rule that riot made! If you spend hundreds or thousands of hours trying to climb the ladder, and you get chat/ranked banned at the end of the season you are not going to receive ANY rewards. And if you have gotten 7 or 14 days game ban ONCE in season 5 that means you're not going to get anything at all. That means: bye banner trim, bye loading border, bye exclusive champion, ward skin and summoner Icon, bye thousands of hours! Riot is starting to remind me of a tyrannical figure... what was his name? Nein nevermind.
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