Riot, shove Blind Pick up your back entrance

Okay, Riot, sit down, we need to talk, first off, I can handle a lot. I managed to keep an open mind about the Jungle changes, even if my knee-jerk reaction about the plants was an eye-roll. I understand your vision that every champ need to be unique, even if it produces gimmicky unbalanced messes. I can stomach the Aegis removal, even if my inner (and outer) Support hates if with fiery passion. But this is too much even for me. Did you really *have* to remove Normal Draft? Sure, on paper Blind is faster, but with the fights that break out over roles, insta-locks, threats of trolling that force either me or some other person to leave, is it really? Or do you sincerely think it is more pleasant to fight to the death over that mid than waiting a few more minutes? I really don't wanna return to the mode that forces me to pray to every God I can think of (or alterntively offer my soul to anyone who would take it) that I won't be forced to play Jungle or ADC. I really don't want to deal with the pages-long rants over who called what first because one guy connected a little earlier that the other. I really don't feel like plying with or against Riven/Zed/Yasuo. Every.Single. Game. Oh sure, if I want Draft I can just play Ranked, right? Well, yeah, but you know what Riot? I like to play for fun. And just like I don't want to argue about positions I don't want to argue about picking to most meta, OP, S-Tier Champ. And I don't want to deal with people who will bitch and whine about other people's ranks and blame everything on that. And some day, I just really don't feel like try-harding, who can blame me for that. So, Riot, I'm not angry, I'm just diss... No, fuck that, I am angry. And disappointed. And disillusioned. And kinda sad. And really really tired of your shit. In conclusion, dear Riot, go shove Blind Pick so far up your ass that you choke on it. Sincerely, a very salty Support Main. P.S: If you are so intent on fucking up EUNE even more than it already is, could you give us a period of free transfer? I would like to jump ship before it goes down.
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