Riot - Create a "range only" Item that...

Hi there everyone! I would like to propose a range only item that gives bonus based on critical. Like get 10 hp for every x crit. Or get 10 ad for every x crit. Or get 10% attack speed per x ad. Or get 10 armor for every x magic resist. I'm trying to propose those ideas because, sometimes you get those supports that are not that great or sometimes you just can't do anything as an ADC. And trying to think about a way that other ranged champions besides adc won't benefit that well from those items. Like, get bonus something for x crit, you all get the idea. The catch here is to restrict it to range only, so we only get a couple of ranged champions that could benefit from them but only the ADC could 100% benefit from it. If you guys like the idea and you think there is a way something like this could work, upvote it so that riot would see it.
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