How to know whether a Champion is really Him, or whether it's Neeko, on disguise - Small Detail

So I was playing against a Neeko Support... The battle went on, and I noticed a very small detail... !!! When you click on a Champ, above their HP/Life Bar, you can see his CS. Well, Riot apparently forgot to make Neeko mimick the amount of CS of the Champ copied! XD I could see enemy Twitch ADC, with 2 CS, in Minute 15, or so... XD I was like... "What? o_O" (Of course, it was truly Neeko, on disguise... XD) Felt like posting this here, maybe someone remembers this, and uses it Vs Neekos... XD **TL/DR: Neeko does not copy the amount of CS of copied Champ. You can click, and see .** (In the box where you see enemy stats, when you click him). PS: This might actually be a Bug? **Edit: **Also, hi from Spain XD Felt like spreading this Info in this Forum too.
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