Is the meta fair, as a support player?

I just had one ranked game, 5v5, all set. (So yeah, that's why I'm writing, but this wants to be not only a whining and complaining post, but yet one that lets us analyze the support situation) We've all been aware of the fact that support is a messy role nowadays, what do I mean? I mean that if you're average good at playing a champion that has some kind of strong CC or anything that can help, it could become a good support indeed: we've seen it with the AP supports, for example. I am a main support, I love supports, and I like them unique feature of being support you know, not dealing tons of damage but being annoying and useful when it comes to healing, protection, moving around, stuns and CC, etc. So in this game I had to lane a Vel'Koz support, that ended up with, of course, the enemy team having all strong carries and us being stomped (also because of Vel'koz). Is this fair? Is it fair to a main support that decides to provide the team a real support pick, that loves support champions, to have against all these types of champions? I've thought about a champion select where you get assigned your role and you can only pick champions listed as your role lately, but I mean I would understand why people would hate that. The only thing I think it's not fair is that I'm often vs champions that are surely not supports (I've faced a lot of Rengar, Sion, Taliyah, Brand, Vel'Koz, Kennen enough in my history in League to know how this feels) and yet I am left to be a sure source to the team but a limited one. It's still okay to be a tanky support like Thresh or Blitz or Tahm or Braum or Taric, but if you're into no-tank supports such as Bard or Rakan or Karma or Lulu or Janna you have to pray for a good match up. (I know for example Lulu and Karma have high winrates and are very good, but any AP support will delete them in an instant, still) So, what am I supposed to do? Play a champion I don't like because of the meta? It sucks, and most of all it's really bringing me to not playing my favourite champions anymore and that...also sucks.
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