Do you roll your eyes at Vayne players?

I dunno if anyone else has noticed this but they seem to be the most toxic people in the game. They seemed completely wrapped up in the delusion that {{champion:67}} is some super-high demanding skill champ that takes months and months of effort to pick up and play. Which is simply not true. While I will admit that Vayne has weaknesses, hard CC being one and short range being another, its completely offset by her complexity as a champion. **You have a low mana, 3 second spammable Q** - So don't tell me it was an "amazing outplay" if you have more mobility then most mages put together. You can easily dodge skillshots and avoid damage pretty easily as Vayne, right? Just because of the nature of her Q. You also have % Health Damage, a mechanic that currently in game has no real counter item build to help defend against Vayne. So you are doing massive damage to squishy people and tanks alike? Thirdly, you have a rather good CC spell that is actually more reliable then {{champion:432}}'s Q as it pushes back pretty far so there is a good chance your opponent will hit the wall. Its not an "amazing play", it would be easy to do on any champion with that level of pushback. Forthly... Stealth just seems like overkill on Vayne. I don't even get why should has. She is basically the only ADC I know that doesn't have to build AD at all, she can build attack speed and shred people's health just by spamming Q and right clicking. Muh skillz I just wanna know, KNOWING ALL THIS, how do {{champion:67}}'s justify it to themselves? Where do they get this delusional mindsets that the champion is so hard and they are so good for even attempting her. I am pretty sure if you had a list of the most arrogant ADC's by average, Vayne would be near the top.

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