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DISCLAIMER ! : i'm not english , and very bad at grammar and stuffff even in grench who is my fluent language , so pls dont bleed too much ok so this game seem a bit old in the design i know this is the skelleton of the game but : there are 3 type of game 1 enjoyable , one just meh , and one just raging : -the enemy snowball : can't win don't have fun is just frustating as %%%% -snowball alies : is coll to just passing throught the enemy but no challenge and just killing everyone with no counter , and some chapion are too fck easy (vayne,yasuo ,the devil (you know who i'm talking about)) -the game where you have actual fun win or loose are one when this is war , literraly no snowball just pure matchup and everything and this part of the game is ,for me , the only enjoyable . the last type of game are the most rare for a majority of people and this feel like you have pain or the all last game is boring , so the game """"""give"""""" you a 3 type of game this is why i still playing the game but thath a drug a all bunch of no fun for one pearl of joy, when i face the problem first i was like "this is a crazy comportement " in the mad way. the problem is ,for me , the game is design for snowball , and most importantly oneshot is too much . just thing off all the time you are get oneshot or someone get oneshot , so riot great undying charchter ,and a counter for this kinf , and this triforce not create good feeling just hate and this is why a lot of perssone in the lol community are toxic . thing about the flop HotS , the cool thing is that a majority of game are in the 3rd type and this is so much fun , i thing a little rework of champion , a bit of stat change on item , a add of new objective that counter snowball or a secondary objective that is need to win for a snowballing team ,ect... stop adding new chapion or work hard on your core designe i beg you. the game is actually good but he can be better and if my dream comme true that become the best game ever .
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