The best Patch of all fixranked 2.0

Hello dear Riot, Can you please fix your ranking queus and your banning system? I play since season 3 and I am really close to uninstall the game. You can't allow Toxic kids to play ranked and screw the comunity spirit and gamestyle. I know it's a bit under your control, but please I think it's the Next most more important change the game needs. We dont want patches that boosts or Nerfs Champions, when there are people that if they're on your team, your game is completly nerfed and Lost. I play other online games and I dont watch people go troll all the time and laugh on their team and time loss like here. Please Boost the game, not the Champions, itens or events. Focus on the biggest problem of this game, crazy Toxic players. I know you can do this. You always have solutions for your problems and to win more money. So ir wont be top hard for you, to figure out a way to improve ranked games. You win one game and then you ll loose two, because one player decides to die to turrets and jungle and then 15 Times to adcersaries. This actually happened to me,a Lulu support decided to do this after going afk and laugh about out loss. Please I know you can have a solid and serious online experience like other games do. It's not that hard. Focus on that, not on rewards, but on punishment please. As me there are thousands of people stuck on their elos because of bad queus and Toxic players that ruin game experience and I think you want the best experience for your clients. Thanks you!
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