Yeeeah I know this is most likely not going to change anything but please Riot, pretty please. I don't want to play support in my ranked games nor do I want anyone else who doesn't play support play it because it is not fair for the adc or other players when one role is always played by someone who has no idea what to do... in a ranked game. Pleeease rename the position or just let me wait for 10 minutes or more it doesn't matter. I would wait for a game that is enjoyable to play for 20 minutes if need be! If renaming the role and giving just as much gold to the "support" as to the adc/apc is not a good idea then give us an option to turn the autofill on/off. Playing support is just so anti fun. You can do absolutely nothing on your own, you must carry the wards because you are the one who doesn't "do anything". I mean sure you can set up a pick but if your adc is garbage you can't do anything. You just die. I don't want to play support. I almost don't want to even play ranked or the whole game in fear that I will have to play that awful role called support.

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