AP vs AD

So i had some questions about this long ago.....as we know AD items are now far beyond better than AP items with tons of choice. And what burns my eyes even more is the thing that every AD item has some side effects,almost anyitem {{item:3134}} this for example has 2 passive and cost nothing. {{item:3035}} u buy this u get the armor pen unlike AP u dont have to finish the item to get the effect,unlike void staff. u have to fully build it. {{item:2015}} u take this and u get some passive shiv. {{item:3155}} u get ad mr and a shield. while u dont get anything from hourglass utill u totally finish it. There is no sustain for Ap builds. NO,NO ONE BUYS THAT ITEM ! {{item:3139}} i hope i had an AP version of QSS. {{item:3123}} instant grevious wounds on ANY physical dmg u do unlike morello. {{item:3133}} compare with this {{item:3108}} I know it more expensive but still i wont mind getting 40 AP from 25 AP for increased price. {{item:3144}} again 78698087865878 stat and passive. {{item:3086}} compare{{item:3113}} higher cost add some stat. {{item:3508}} We know this is broken item. {{item:3046}} isnt this too much ? like a newspaper if i want to read all that. same shit{{item:3812}} build them on graves GG. {{item:3044}} again.......why i dont get a small slow from starting to build rylai then ? {{item:1043}} u r missing some ad buying attack speed ? well we will give u a passive with 15 bonus dmg on hit. the only viable AP item that gives some useful stat is {{item:3010}} and {{item:3136}} but it costs 1600 ....pfff {{item:3115}} this is a stronger version of morello but its costs more .....so we cant afford that bcuz enemy is zed with hexdrinker. not talking about AS but if i get to late game and i have full build and i am Oriana will sell morello and get nashor,its just an item that some champ needs . I know soon we will get the mages update and i hope i will see 657890 passives with AP items ...... and more choice. i liked the 100AP 20% cdr item in the BMB mode and its versions ,was really good and gave us some choice. I liked to play Ap champs ,but not anymore ...... picking zed or talon\yasou is far better . Another thing,If adc gets 70% crit and AD about 300 he will crit u for about 750 if u r a mage ,while ur spell with 600 AP is weaker dealing about 450~600 "THAT U NEED TO LAND BTW" im not saying adc is stronger but adc is way too good dealing almost with anyone ,tank ,mage ....he will kick their asses if they miss the CC spell. oh they landed the cc ....forgot to say he has QSS and he can flash from the CC spell ..but u cant flash from draven Q AA that deals 1200 :\ Im not crying or anything cuz i play adc and mid zed right now and im happy :D but this is what i feel ,its not a QQ thread. i want to see some mages back :D
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