"Play champions with damage if you want to climb ranks"... and then...

1) everyone wants to climb ranks 2) every single team member picks a damage dealer. 3) tankless team has no actual access to their kickass damage/ is unable to create a wall between carries and the enemy Rengar 4) People who followed this advice (you have to carry if you want to advance) lose the game and are mad at each other. 5) Rengar mentioned in point 3 goes to the boards or reddit to brag about his game. He sees a thread like "How do i climb out of this sh(t elo i am in?" 6) He posts an answer: you have to play champions with damage and carry as hard as you can just like me in my last game (link). Don't you think that this is the sort of mentality that constitutes elo-hell (which is a state of mind)?
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