Aatrox drew his last breath today

It's over now, nothing that old Aatrox had is present anymore. Riot has actually deleted a champion from the game. I knew it from the first video of his rework this must be a scrapped Riven rework. But it still had some fragments of his soul. Boris (new aatrox) and Aatrox had one small tether that kept them clinging, and that was his personal revive. Now it's gone,Aatrox has finally died just as he wished. Now it's just Boris. And who is Boris? It's Riven lifesteal edition Remember when Riot said Aatrox is unhealthy for the game, and the rework will make him easier to balance? I don't give a damn if this was a good or a bad change in terms of balance. I don't even main Aatrox but this is just sad. Riot has finally replaced all the boards from the ship,painted it dark red and called it "Aatrox". How would you feel if the developers removed your favorite character from the game because they couldn't be bothered to balance it anymore? That they couldn't be bothered to fix a mistake THEY made and YOU had to suffer for it? Is the balance team getting paid to rip apart what makes champions fun to make them "fairer to play against"? Is the balance team too stupid or lazy to think deeply around key aspects of what makes a champion unique and just remove what they don't want to be bothered with from the game? It's all over though,Riot. You can finally rename the red guy to whatever you want because I know his name isn't Aatrox.
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