Too much surrendering in summoner's rift

I loaded up unranked summoner's rift last night and today to unwind from tilt but I noticed people are just playing summoner's rift like a 5v5 deathmatch with the sole intent to just stomp and bully the enemy lane opponent, and eventually the enemy team. In every match, all I'm seeing is people run to lane, attempt to duel their opponent, and either 1) win the duel, rinse and repeat, enemy probably cries ff15 or 2) lose the duel, rinse and repeat, cry for ff15. Nobody wants to play from behind, so 9/10 of my matches conclude with ff15 or ff20 and it's getting extremely boring. I'm usually the only person on my team trying to play summoner's rift instead of team deathmatch, so I'm generally either a little behind or a little ahead of my lane opponent, while my team mates are either inting or destroying. In these past games, I've just been trying different champs, seeing how they work in different matchups, trying different builds and so on to counter my opponent, but right after we down or lose a single turret, and usually right after I've finished my first item and boots, the enemy team or my team forfeits. This is getting quite frustrating as I'd just like to play a regular game of summoner's rift to its natural conclusion. I understand that it's just a normal so surrendering doesn't cost us any LP, but it costs us time, a LOT of time when most matches result in a surrender. I feel like I'm just playing laning phase over and over again, unable to really *get into* a match before it's over. I'd just like to fight to the end for once. And that doesn't include the matches when the opponents stomp us then try to hold us hostage by refusing to end (in which case I will definitely surrender, I'm not gonna spend 1 minute waiting to respawn to get 1-shot as I walk out the fountain by an enemy who refuses to right click the nexus). I'm not sure what the solution is, but I'm wondering whether there's any LoL clubs or anything which hosts games between members where we can just have a normal match, with or without off-meta picks, with or without whacky builds, just no ff15/20, no mentality of "I'm gonna snowball or I'm gonna forfeit". I'd just like a no stakes game where I can play champs I haven't played before, builds I haven't tried yet, and actually focus on winning, not just sadistically bullying the enemy team who are stuck in the rift until I'm done torturing them. And if our team is behind, I'd like to play a match where people actually *try* instead of just auto forfeit, because it's just draining having to go through this over and over. Maybe there's no club that hosts 5v5s between 10 members, but maybe there are four other Bronzies out there wanting to play together (properly)?

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