Your oppinion needed! (Also some general questions regarding world pass choices)

Hey all, Ddint really know were to place this question but here goes; I have gotten the world pass so am able to save enough points for the K/DA kaisa skin thingy but have a couple of questions for you guys; -Do you get the actual skin with the 2500 points or is it an chroma and do I still have to buy the skin before I am able to use my 2500 point reward? -Its ''limited'' edition right? As in after the event (or a sertain timewindow) ends people cant get it anymore? -If you had to chose between an limited edition skin (if the answer before was actually yes xD), or 8-10 world orbs and random skins, which one would you pick? -Would your answer still be the same if you dont play the champion? Looking forward to your answers!
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