Finnaly Yi is broken once again

So i have been playing alot of Yi today and i mainly focused at Yi toplane trying the new items in normals ive been taking ignite bcs of early power.. Everytime i played him top i got the first blood by walking into the enemy with my E and passive ready to go all in (You can 100 to 0 peoples in less than 4 seconds at lv 1) (LETHAL TEMPO WOUD BE NEEDED)ive been diving Yasuo mains so much that if i blink i will see a black and white Yasuo on the floor.. So hey early game is as strong as pantheon so whats next - Midgame - By this time i have about 8 kills and probably got camped after taking the first turret so i will have 3-4 deads the enemy woud be set behind alot so its becoming 4v5 if my team woud actully do something the midgame im trying to have guisno and BORK im still splitpushing and cleaning up kills after my team dies with guisno no one can 1v1 you so its all fine for now - Late game - Late game is a place were Yi shines the most even if his early game is also pretty amazing - By now i have gone full AD with guisno Bork AS Boots Essence reaver and some kind of lifesteal probably bloodthrister bcs of the recent reduce on gold - by now if you dogde any CC for over 2 seconds you shoud be able to easily 3v1 and a little bit harder to 5v1 The game is pretty much done by now there is no counterplay to Yi expect CC and if you are not pantheon to have point and click you woud probably be pretty much done bcs the new essence reaver changes made Yi one of the strongest champs to exist. Good job if you read it all i really dont think you have to read something as useless as that.

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