how do you guys climb?

So I started play ranked pretty recent with my friend as duo. We got placed in Bronze IV, climb to III and yesterday down to IV again. How do we climb? I read some advices about this and tried to improve. I'm good at every role, but I heard I have to master 1-2 roles, so i focused on adc. I win my lane everytime, can't remember a single game when enemy adc had better farm. I ward more than my supp! I focus on objectives a lot. Try to take towers and inhibitors when I see opportunity to do so. I stopped going to rescue teammates when they go 1 vs 4. I try to build according to enemy champs. I do not flame. I stay positive. I praise teammates if they do well. But how can I climb if my teammate decided to feed because someone flamed him (he got banned after that game, best feeling ever :D ). Or when someone go afk because they died twice in first 5min? (How can so many people die at 3min? Every single game, normals included). I don't want to blame my team, that's bronze thinking, I know I do mistakes too. Can any of you take some time to look at my match history and tell me something?
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