Why has it taken this long for Riot to understand that Ekko is just a bad design in general?

Seriously, people start building tank with him, which I was doing when he first came out and now people are complaining about how overpowered he is. He has ALWAYS been that way, you cannot balance someone with a 3 second dash to target, multiple slows, a stun, an ult that allows you massive safety if you mess up and 3 hit proc mechanic. He is simply overloaded and has been since release, the same as {{champion:157}} and pretty much every champ released since him barring {{champion:161}} and {{champion:202}} and {{champion:136}}. Riot created this problem and now they believe nerfing him is going to solve it. It won't... people are still going to use him in totally obnoxious ways because he is simply badly designed. He either needs a complete rework from the ground up or to be simply removed from the game. This game has been going continually downhill since last year, with more and more overpowered and simply rediculous champions coming onto the rift and being shot suddenly into the top tiers, {{champion:78}} (Rework), {{champion:114}} (Rework), {{champion:223}} etc because they are simply overloaded and grately outclass champions that don't have a 1 trick pony mechanic like {{champion:1}}. This problem is never going to go away Riot without drastic action, these "kits" you've been designing last year are just bad or toxic to the game health. I fear for the {{champion:44}} rework because from what I've seen, he will be an overpowered monster as well who will get a harsh nerf and never see the light of day again.
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