This talking something about your game not my skill

i was able to drop from d4 to p1 with this promo up this is actually 5th time in row. Thats speaks about how bad players are in d4. I mean shield has expired several times id d4 just bcs d4 is so overrated divison full of boosted ppl. When i was demoted i was manage all of 4 times to I came back expressly in 4 games. But this talking much more about your divisions and ppl in same. Since you guys messed up something with it. I dont know what but you did it, This is impossible that i need to play 40-50 game just between p1 and d4 then d4- p1. Extremely depressed that im in "PIT OF SIMILAR SKILL BASED PPL" How i can be similar skill with some1 who already played 270- 180- 196 >> games ? idk mby im wrong but i guess im not. Im dieing solwly and stady in d4 without chanse to get out of it

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