Aurelion Sol is objectively worst champion design for a MOBA

EDIT: Please stop saying "byaah you played only 25 games previous season (ranked) you didn't know how to play". You wouldn't say something like that from player who just finished Dark Souls. "You don't know how to play" if he is complaining about difficulty of the Kapra Demon fight. He played though the game. Of course he has now perspective on how to play. Similarly I play this champion over 100 times on my seasons and yet that's not meeting your standards of playing. I've played this champion than I played Dark Souls and I finished that game 3 times. Just to show my most recent game with him. I did good. I still think he's very bad for certain setups. I got lucky and didn't get absurdly hard mid lane against me. I didn't get ganked... well I did... twice and I scored double kill both times. So please STFU about I don't know how to play the champion. I know how to stay on range. I know how to boringly wiggle back and forward. I know when to press Q. It all does not matter WHEN YOU ARE BEING COUNTERED. When you are roaming and get caught in jungle. There is 0 escapes. You are dead! And this champion is supposed to be best on roaming? He can barely survive a gank barely outside tower range. Okay back to the topic. ---- His only mean of escape from champion diving (on his W active star range) is his ultimate that takes forever to come off from cooldown. His main strength is being able to kite enemy but pretty much everyone can either stun him and thus are allowed to escape or just leap away. But if you stun him he also loses the W active part. His flight gets interrupted by tiniest damage from a champion. His W is more than anything a frustrating mess to take last hits in lane with. His Q is pretty much worst skillshot in entire game. Yeah it builds up size but other than some sick 5 man ult (which btw any other champion could do way more damage) his Q size increase is almost unnoticeable. And he has to build that Q size increase with 2 abilities because the ability escapes his range otherwize or he has like 5 movement items. And the end result, does he gain some sick damage? Does the stun last longer? No, it's the exact same skill but is just larger, which enemies will very likely still avoid and even if they get hit, damage isn't even good enough anyway to compare to other mages. So considering everything that was just presented, the fact he can kite enemy with a slow ring is pretty hard offset for a champion that is otherwise a total trash. But hear me, I got solutions! Q: 1. Make the skill be able to be instantly triggered 2nd time 2. Make the skill only slow when hit on normal / close range. 3. Make the ability grow in speed and not depending on hero position to trigger 4. Make ability long range (something like Xerath ultimate range), doesn't grow in size anymore W: 1. Make skill only active ability, increase damage by 2 2. Meteors vanish when hitting on enemy just like Diana. Add a slow based on number of projectiles hit starting from 1% ending up to 20% if you hit all. E: 1. This ability will be renamed: Harvesting the Light 2. Flight cannot be cancelled other than root or stun. 3. Instead of directed flight, it allows the player to just move wherever he wants. Movement speed is increased by 25% for 5 seconds while flying. 4. Also flight builds up damage increase 1/2/3/4/5% every 1 second up to 5/10/15/20/25% and lasts 5 seconds after effect has ended. R: 1. Significantly reduce cooldown on this 2. Make effect ONLY root enemies for 2 seconds and also increases their damage taken by 25% if damaged by your ally and 75% from champions own abilities. 3. Make effect have global range. Passive: Make him gradually gain movement speed increase as long as he's not being damaged in combat by a champion (similarly how Garen heals when not hit by champion), 5% every 5 seconds up to 25%. Resets to 0 when damaged and takes 5 seconds to gain first stack.
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