Isn't gp a little overtuned?

Early game he has counterplay with the barrels, but when he hits lvl 9 his barrels have almost no counterplay and they have such a devastating punishment for being hit by them, late game 1 barrel can almost one shot you. On top of barrels doing very good aoe armor ignoring damage... they have a massive slow and he gains a massive speed boost. His ult has even more global aoe damage. He has good mana regen and a % missing hp heal and a cleanse. He has more gold than every champ which is a stat riot even posted, tnx to his q farm and this skill has a pretty low cooldown on top of that. And he has a true damage dot passive plus an upgradeable ult... THIS IS SO MUCH FOR 1 HERO. Plus if the enemy player is good at his barrel mechanic he is almost unstoppable...
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