Fixing Akali with just a few tweaks.

First and foremost! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} _**Hello Forum Dwellers, Summoners and Rioters and a happy new year for all of you!**_ {{champion:84}} I've heard that Riot has been struggling with the Akali rework for quit a while now as, despite being fun to play, the champion displays the worst win-rate and one of the highest ban-rates at the same time labelling it a clear and definite issue. It marks her as a champion that people dread playing against, most likely due to her being annoying to deal with but also a champion that adds little to the team in terms of win-conditions. I'm sure many are familiar with the problem that makes her annoying: her W and how it allows her to tower-dive anyone with impunity. I'm also sure many people are aware of what makes her a rather weak champion: she's squishy, has a terrible early game and falls off incredibly hard late-game. Her escape is her only way to set up plays and is tied to a long cooldown via her ultimate and her E feels terribly clunky to be the only part of an ability. Her passive does not help either with its wide and hard to proc range, it makes it hard to finish kills without putting yourself in harm's way or simply allowing the champion to escape because you need that passive proc. As for my background, as many will ask, I'm currently a Gold player but have previously been low Diamond level. This is mainly because I fell out of practice due to health and University(I'm studying Computer/Information Engineering, currently in the 3rd of 5 years and will be looking for a job in game development after I finish said course!). Perhaps also relevant is that I'm Portuguese and 21. I've been playing Akali since I started playing the game, in very early Season 2 and have been in love with her since then along with Lux, although I played her sparsely competitively. She was also my first Pentakill! **With that out of the way, my suggestions are as follows:** _Utilise the tech used in Pyke's Q for Akali's own_ **Q - Three-Point Strike** When tapped, this ability will fire a fan of three daggers in a cone ahead of Akali, damaging enemies hit. If 3 or more enemies are hit, half of the energy cost is refunded and the skill is gifted a reduced cooldown. If held for a short period, Akali enters a small run(movement speed and animation) that ramps up with a casting bar. During her run, releasing the Q will toss a Shuriken in a straight line, damaging the first enemy hit and marking them. If an enemy is marked, tapping the Q will shadowstep Akali behind her enemy, slicing their throat for high damage(basically her current E) and a moderate heal. At the end of her initial Q cast, Akali will always backflip away from her cast direction. **W - Twilight Shroud** My suggestion to fix this ability is simple. I believe that, while frustrating, Twilight Shroud offers a lot of character and theme to Akali's kit and feels like a enabler to a player-made multi sided strike that mimics that of ninjas in media. Alas, it is also incredibly frustrating and rather unfun to play against. As such, while I believe true invisibility should be maintained as is, I think that allowing red trinket to see her "shimmer like a ghost" within the smoke would be a welcome novelty and way to counterplay her if properly executed, showing her position moments before rather than her current one. As for tower-diving, I believe Akali's W should have an unique behaviour towards towers. This behaviour would stop the smoke from further propagating into tower range. Essentially, it would stop the smoke from moving forwards if it meant it'd enter tower range and, if cast inside a Tower's radius, it would never move from its initial dispersion, confining Akali's invisibility to a small square that would not allow her to dodge skillshots easily. **E - Shadow Dash** I suggest that we move the first part of her ultimate onto her E: Akali performs a small dash forwards. If she encounters an enemy champion, the dash will end and Akali will perform a vault-kick over her enemy, dealing minute damage but applying a short-stun, appearing on their opposite side. If Akali encounters terrain, she will vault over it(like Talon), and be refunded Energy and Cooldown. **R - Flawless Execution** I believe her R should be the second part of her ultimate and should stay as is, perhaps with modified cooldown, range and damage as it is a singular ability now. For her passive, my suggestion is simply to half the range needed to trigger it. That's all, thank you for reading this and I'll see you in the Fields of Justice! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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